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Hi Cerato gang,
Thought I'd enlighten your day by writing up a bemusing incident I have with my Cerato SLi 2011 four door hatch with the 2 Ltr engine and 6 speed sequential box. Firstly I have to say this is a great car for the money one pays... I've 17" alloys with Bridgestone Potenza RE002's tyre's running at 36 Psi. Being a err past track/road driver (sometime ago) I have a reasonable understand of all things racing and performance wise.

Without giving the actual location away I was driving spiritedly but with-in the speed limits on a slightly downhill set of tight charging corners with the tyre's getting close to starting to 'sing' when all of a sudden a series of three grounding rocketing type sounds can from the car???

At first I thought I'd received a flat tyre and the alloy rim was err grinding the road !
I drove on at a reduced pace and pulled over to see what had cause the sounds... No tyre's were flat, no rims damaged and no other signs on any issues? Hmmm.
Later after entering the freeway heading head did I notice something odd. Upon checking the central rear vision mirror I realised I could not easily see out the rear window... Why?

It took a couple of minutes for the 'penny to drop'... The three rear seat support headrests had all risen to their maximum height. These headrests are normally stowed in the lowest position allowing near full view out through the rear windscreen. A appears that when I was driving spiritedly and close to the max grip earlier, the cars rear body/classis had flexed so-much that the twisting of the body caused the rear seat headrests to release from their ratchet mechanism and release fully!!! Damm, that's some flexing!

Looks like a trip to a company like WhiteLine and have underside classis bracing brackets and a suppior anti-roll bar fitted plus possible other handling and suspension mods to improve the most spirited driving I do have this great 2 Ltr hatch.

I'd go to say though that most err normal 'Mr and Mrs Average' would not push the car as far as I did, so the issue under normal domestic driving would not occur.
First time though I've had this issue with classis flex this much.
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