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Picanto LX 2005 1.1
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So since I have owned the car I have had no issues with it whatsoever. Kia Picanto LX 1.1 2005.

Just about an hour ago I was driving in heavy rain in the dark and ran into a hidden speed bump which has broken my central locking system. Or at least that's what I assume as everything was fine before that. until I got home anyway.

A quick summary

Lock drivers door with key. Only that door locks. Same with passenger side.
Unlock drivers door, only that door unlocks. Same with passenger side.
But I hear the (I believe it's called the actuator) sound from rear doors when unlocking driver or passenger side, but doors are already unlocked.
No doors lock, but sound like they are unlocking even though they are already unlocked.

I assume the central locking system is working to unlock the doors, but not locking.

Key fob works to lock and unlock all doors fine, but this is a big issue as the key fob rarely works. sometimes i'm standing at my car bashing the button for a good minute or two to get it to unlock. New battery by the way.

I'm ok to just unlock the drivers door to get to work, but I want things to work as they are meant to and willing to pay to get it fixed as long as it's not going to cost an arm and a leg as the car is getting a bit old. Even if it runs really. very well looked after from the looks of it.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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