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I’ve an early 2011 Cee'd sw. I’ve just had my first problem with it after around 30k.

The front passenger side CV joint nut worked its way loose so the wheel was starting to knock. As it was a Saturday I took it to a tyre place for a look and they spotted the problem and tightened the nut.

I don’t know much about these nuts, but it seems that sometimes there’s a pin to prevent this from loosening. Instead of a pin Kia seems to have an indentation on the nut, and then there’s a small metal surround for the nut which is hammered into the indentation to secure the nut.

My wheels have only been taken off once - during the cars service when the fronts and backs were swapped - so it looks like this nut wasn’t tightened enough at manufacturing and that piece of metal wasn’t bent far enough into the indentation to stop the nut from turning.

I’ve been told these nuts should never loosen, and to take in straight back to a dealer and get all the wheels checked out. Has this happened to anyone else here?
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