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Hi Dear.
My car is Carnival 2005-2006, 5 speed manual 2.9 crdi.
Accelerating and switching time the clutch pedal is cracking sound. krrkrkrk :)
Clutch is new, but sound is heard and clutch pedal is vibrate.
But switching up cracking sound, switching down no! Help me what could be the problem. Thank you

Sound link:

2001 Kia Carnival 2.5L manual & 2000 Carnival Auto
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Try bleeding the clutch system again.
You may have air in the fluid line...
Check your reservoir and vaccum lines etc.
(vibrating pedal)

Or it just may be the new clutch was old stock, with the spring plate a tad rusty.
It should wear in fine with use.

Get it checked out if any operational concerns.
I'd take it back and complain to whovever did the work.
We are all human and make mistakes...
They may have asssembled the push fork wrongly.

Also check rubber engine mounts for any splits.
Also check your muffler vibration, as it sounds a little like that hitting something.
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