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Hi there,

Don't understand a word of PCVs and EGRs but what you say sounds familiar. I'm having a 2000 Carnival 2.9 Diesel in Portugal. Just last week got to a hold on the highway when a huge smoke cloud came out of the exhaust pipe and my engine RPMs went nuts.

Examination by my mechanic shows that oil got into the engine through the Turbo. This seems only to be happening above 3000 rpms. Below I'm safe. Now, he doesn't know the solution: one option might be a malfunctioning valve that appears in front under the bonnet, just in front/slightly underneath the tubro plasic cover.

Anyone any experience solution for this?

Help/ mails appreciated!

Originally posted by rodski@Nov 26 2004, 09:25 AM
Hello Guys,

I am from the Philippines and I happen to own a 2001 carnival 2.9 diesel turbo intercooler engine. The problem is that gunk accumulates in the intake manifold because the vaporize oil from the PCV mixes with the EGR in the intake manifold. The locally distributed Carnivals are not CRDI.

How do I fix this problem? From my research I think the oil catch can is inserted between the PCV hose and the turbo (after the air filter). Does the carnival/sedona in Europe have this as standard eqpt?


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