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Hi all. This is my 1st posting on the forum, after seeking for help/information to diagnose a friend's 2001 Carnival problem, which started behaving abnormally today.

The transmission starts accelerating normally until the 1st up-shifting occurs, when a "clac" is heard and then the transmission indicator light starts flashing back and forth between "D" and "N". The same occurs when starting from "1" or "2" (the light switches to/from "N" and the selected driving mode).

Another symptom is the fact that after the "clac" sound, the engine is felt as if the clutch pedal was half depressed: the engine is normally accelerated, but it seems as the transmission power is not completely transferred to the wheels.

This problem is not observed while using Reverse (ie. no flashing indicator, no clac sound and no transmission power loss detected).

Has anybody experienced a similar issue before? Does it seem to be a fluid-leak or electrical (solenoid) problem, or rather a mechanical issue?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
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