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I feel your frustration. I tried giving it a quick search and realized that almost all databases disregard any mention of a Rondo by 2010.

The next line of thought was to check for the equivalent under the Carens name, but then you run into the issue of that model not being listed at all as one that isn't sold in North America.

NAPA seems to be one of the few mainstream commercial places that at least has a listing for a 2014 Rondo, but they don't stock cargo covers (at least not in a way that was searchable to me.)

Closest I got was (a link here for CariD) 2014 Kia Rondo Cargo Liners | Custom Fit, Rubber, Vinyl, Carpet using a search term of something like "2014 Kia Rondo accessories."

(As you may rightfully presume, I have no affiliation with either company and don't benefit in any way from what business you may or may not give them.)

An alternative would be to custom size your own and cut from a sheet of material. Maybe glue and stack some layers of vinyl for a durable surface for cheap. Might even check out some industrial fabricators that do large scale runs and have some "leftover on the spool" once their production quota is met for a given project. Just brainstorming here about how you could get a sheet of laminate veneer and contact cement a rubberized/plastic surface on top, etc.

Hope that progresses your search or broadens your options for what you set out for.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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