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THought I'd come in and share some of the stuff I know regarding my car and all the work that's been gone into it.

Think Korea's the only place to sell a 1.8l T8D LPG equipped Carens. [attachmentid=58]

It was stripped and pasted on with multiple layers of damping mat like there's no tomorrow. A tad quieter now.

I initally planned on having an SPL competition vehicle, but midway stopped and got myself to treat it as a daily car. It handles really bad, as any Carens would, so I did little minor modifications here and there to it. [attachmentid=60] [attachmentid=59]

As of yesterday, the T8D engine is now breathing a bit better, thanks to an aftermarket air filter. I also used the stock intake pipe to act as a funnel for the cold air intake effect. Dunno how much I would be seeing, but I hope I get to see at LEAST a bit of improvement to cover the time and money invested in installing this. In the blurry pic, you can just about see the filter, and the shiny tank on top of that is the auxillary brake booster. I wasn't sure how effective such a device would be, but seeing how small the stock brake booster was, this ended up doing a lot of good. [attachmentid=61] [attachmentid=62]

Owned the car for 2 years, and all servicing and mods are done by yours truly. Much more satisfaction that way. B) Hope I can help out any fellow DIY enthusiasts.


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