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Carens Diesel

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I drive a Kia carens for 10 months now and clocked 17000 km. I'm very pleased with the diesel, almost 12 km/ltr.
My problem is that for the second time already I,ve problems with the radio. They repared it once and it failed again for the second time, at the moment I drive without it for more than a week because they send it for repare.
I'm also not happy with the maintenance cost. I had to pay almost 3500 THB, 70 euro after 10000km for the oil + oilfilter change and inspection. They filled it up with syntethic oil.
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Bro, I use my Carens for 7 month already hit 17K+...
What type is your radio install? Mine is a JVC double din model.... :grin:
It,s the original radio with VCD player. I think they modified the radio in Thailand for the VCD.

You did not have problems at all?
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