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i have a kia carens diesel chip tuning kit which is the same as a race chip pro, diesel tuning chip cr2, increases your power safely from 140hp to 175 to 196hp!

never used. RFS: delayed sa post office dineliver:mad:, bumili ng ibang car

landed cost from UK is P12,000.00 sl. negotiable

are you red in jealousy to race chip owners? no more. just install this and be happy driving

No Electrical/Mechanical Knowledge Required. Just Plug-In & Play!

Latest V2.0 microprocessor controlled digital tuning unit
Acts as an Ecobox at low and medium revs (better fuel economy)
And as a Powerbox at high revs (more power & torque)
Uses genuine vehicle plugs & sockets in a pro wiring loom
No cutting of wires required simply unplug a connector and place inline
Solid robust design
Easy to remove and transfer over to your next car
Supplied pre-programmed
10 programs (shown on LED display) selectable by push button
Improved crisp response and smoother acceleration
No smoke Will not compromise safety features of the engine
Installation instructions are in English language
These devices really make a difference!

Dr, Steve 09088601862
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