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kia sportage crdi 138bhp 6 speed 2006
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I thought I would share a modification I did to my 2003 Carens CRD SE. In the UK this is a 5 seater car but the boot is still designed as it was when it had 7 seats.

When you open the boot the centre interior light comes on but not the light above the boot and you have to switch it on by hand using the switch. This is very silly Kia!

If you remove both fittings which is easy and connect a cable from the switch wire on the main light, to the boot light, then whenever you open a door or the boot, all the interior lights come on together. You have to cut the Black wire into the boot light fitting. Tape up old wire from the car and connect your new wire fed through the roof to the the black wire on the light fitting.
You can use those snaplock auto wiring connectors. Then if you leave the boot light switch to on, all work together. One other point is that the Carens lights are switched electronically and running the main and boot lights on the circuit is too much for it as they all look dimmer.
Simply replace all the 10Watt bulbs in both lights (4 altogether) with type 239 5Watt bulbs. Half the wattage but twice as many come on so the light level and circuit loading remain the same, but better spread out and easier to find things in the boot in the dark.

My next project is to fit an intermittant delay circuit to the rear wiper as this is also a serious oversight by Kia, otherwise the car is great. Replaced the standard Hanook tyres with Pirelli P6000's and you can really motor along in it now even in the wet.

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