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Hi All:

My name is don and I live in Jacksonville. Thanks for adding me to the group.

When I start the car in the morning, the check engine light comes on. After I let it warm up a couple of minutes, I drive it but it won’t go faster then 25-35 mph. I turn it off, let it sit for about 30 seconds, then start it again and it’ll run fine. Sometimes I have to repeat the step several times but eventually it does work. The check engine light goes out around mid-day.

I take off the hose to the throttle body and clean the inside with cleaner. When I’m done the cloth is caked with black carbon. However, when I start the car it runs fine for several days, then boom, check engine light in the morning and the same thing happens again.

The OBD II codes that its giving is P2106, P1295, and P2135

Appreciate it if someone can give me a hint on a possible fix for this.


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