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Hey guys,

Just joined today after many hours of lurking only because I need some help or verification now. :cool:

I bought an 03 spectra a month ago for daily driving purposes. It currently has 102k on it and drives like a dream.

Recently performed timing belt and water pump maintenance, as well as all drive belts and changed the oil.

Car was running perfectly fine this morning but on my way to work later in the day it refused to start.

What Happened:

Put key in ignition, car lights came on, radio works, dash lights work, but nothing.

No cranking, no turning over, nothing. Perfect way I can describe this is if you had a manual transmission car and you tried to start it without pushing in the clutch. Nothing would happen but I still hear the fuel pump and everything.

What I tried:

-Jumping the car, I thought maybe the battery was just too weak.
Outcome: Nothing. Same thing.

-Put key to on position and tried to start the car in Neutral.

VOILA! It started right up and I drove to work with no problems.

So my question for the experts here, especially DaveSpectra since he seems popular; is this a problem with my neutral safety switch? I called my personal mechanic when I had the problem and he is the one who told me to start the car in neutral. He said it has to be the neutral safety switch.

Do you guys agree? Or is there anything else that could possibly cause this issue.


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As I said in a private message...The inhibit switch sits under the air cleaner and on top of the transmission... The switch should read from contacts 5&6 when in park or neutral if it doesn't then the switch is bad or out of adjustment.

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It was the neutral safety switch. But I also have another problem which I will be posting a new thread for, Thanks for the help
Just curious if the neutral safety switch fixed your issue for good and did you ask your mechanic to replace it or did they assume that was the issue. The problem you were having sounds like the one I'm having with my 2014 Kia Sorento. It happens sporadically so when I bring it into Kia on Monday they might not be able to see the issue themselves.
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