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Here is the story. :(
My car stereo stopped working, so i was stupid enough to play with the fuses. After playing and seeing that it was no use, i found out that the dashboard (speedometer, gas gauge, ect) wasnt working... And the car wont shift from park! It starts and everything but just wont shift... IM IN TROUBLE!

If someone is familiar with the fuse box, please tell me what could i do to fix. Ill be happy to answer all questions.

PS. I got a 97 Sephia RS.


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well for the park thing.
there is a manual override to get it outta park if it sticks.
if yu look down at gearshifter you will notice a little plug type of thing. Take that off. next with a flat head screw driver stick it down in there when car is running and push brake. keep moving the screw driver around while trying to shift it outta gear. It should come outta park.

for the fuse thing just pull one at a time till you find the dead one.
the little metal things inside the fuse will be broke if dead.

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