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2016 Kia Forte, 2006 Kia Sportage V6, 1996 Sephia LS 1.8
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We have 96 Sephia with 90k miles on it in great shape. It has survived numerous mishaps from my wifes driving and not know what the gauges are for on the dashboard.

I’ve kept the car up and have done a lot of work on it.

A few weeks ago, some kid texting didn’t see the red light in time and hit my wife hard enough to push her into the car in front of her and set off the air bags.
No real body damage but the stupid air bags blew out the front window when they went off and cracked the dashboard.
Well, because of it’s age, they totaled the car and gave me 2100 bucks with me retaining it to do a re-salvage. I ordered the air bags on eBay for 70 and was going to have the controller reset for 50 but nobody seems to able to since it’s not one they have seen before. Ok, DMV tells me when they re-inspect in AZ they don’t care about air bags. I put the new airbags in to make it look nice, installed my old stereo from my 2006 Kia Sportage while I had the dash out and got it all back to together.

Windshield is going to cost me 200 and it won’t have working airbags but what did we all do before airbags anyway. If they had not went off in the first place, the car and my wife would not of been hurt.

I did buy a new ignition system for 100 on amazon an another part so total cost to fix car was about $500 including the re-inpection fee. It did take me a week to fix it so I consider the extra money as labor to me .

We originally paid 9600 for the car new in 1996 and they gave us 2100 for the total out. I’d say that’s pretty good for a 19 year old car. Taking care of your car pays off.

Just felt like sharing since I was pretty happy with myself for putting it all back together. The passenger air bag required removing the bottom half of the dashboard and that was not an easy task.

*** Update***

Took it get the Level III inspection and all the inspector did was look at VIN numbers, charged me 50 bucks and passed it.

It's legally back on the road again running great.

Here is a photo of the engine all nice and cleaned up


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