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Hi Everyone

I'm going through a bad experience with my KIA Rio 1.6L 2004 Automatic
I bought my car year ago never had a single probleme , i drive 2000 Km per month with no issues
When i when on vacation to new York , on the 87 south with the hills and uphill , after i ran 400 km . on the mountains and going 120 km , it started having issues on high rpm , and then it shift to the 4 gear fine.
after 50 km i had check engine light , ( lowered my speed to 90 and 100 km just before )
Checked engine oil , tranny oil , air filter all seems fine.
once back home , read with OBD II

- Engine Light ( Cylinder misfire 1 )
- Cleared error
- After 50 km error Check Engine light came back this time with car shaking when car is on stop or traffic light .
- Read again error ( Cylinder 1 and 4 misfire )
- Cleared again the code
- After another 50km
- Read again error ( Cylinder 1 and 3 misfire )
- Mechanic told me could be Coil
- Replaced the coil and spark plugs
- Cleared code
- Car ran 90 % fine for about a 100 km , then check engine back on
- Now car runs at the max 20 km flat street when street is down a hill about 10 degrees down , the car pickup speed and runs around 40 to 60 km second to thrid gear.
- When i put it on Neutral sometimes i hear the RPM high when i push gaz , sometimes same as when on DRIVE , gaz pedal down to the carpet but no rmp.
- When i reverse car shake badly and stalls if i dont push the gas
- Car does not stop when i'm pushing gaz ,
- Gaz cosumption
Any clue or help from Kia's Guru Please ?
Could it be Knock Sensor ? or Crank sensor ? Could it be the throtle , or leak from vacum ,or gaz filter
I was also supecting the timing belt i looked at it and it's a little loose ...not tight like the other belt for the camshaft engine...

I cannot afford buying or fixing this car expensively , i just had a divorce and my situation is worst then this Kia symptoms:confused:

Thank you for the help and suggestions

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Even if i did not get a single answer , i will comment on my finding :
Changed the spark plug wires used , car runs great after.

Thank you

Kia RIO RXV 2002
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just saw this , I hope all I need is new plug wires again .
i bought some NGK ones about 4 years ago .
i have very predictable misfire on #4 , and some very close almost same symptoms.
i have almost no $$ rite now as my wife cant work anymore ( injury ) and well not much left after bills a medicals costs .

I wish i had kept a ok wire from my last set . i could have tested it on short # 4 easy .
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