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my sephia 2000 LS losses a lot of power when I turned the AC on. I live in florida, so imagine it's impossible not to run with AC on. The weird thing is that i don't always feel that loss of power. but when it happens, you depress the gas pedal and the car has no power, after 2 seconds it goes, but then when it shifts to 2nd gear same thing(automatic).
does anyone have or had the same problem?
please help, Im worried about the engine, what if it's something that needs to be replaced!! heellp!!!!

thank you.

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yes I did and you need to do a few engine mods to get rid of that loss. I will state em in a list, now some of these aren't only for AC, but these will get rid fo that power loss:

*=somewhat unrelated to AC performance

-*Short ram intake
-Grounding kit (replacing all the stock ground cbles with 4 Guage or 2 guage)
-*Axelback exaust (basically getting a better muffler or doing what I did, cut off the muffler and install a strait pipe with a tip, not really louder then stock, just deeper, still very quiet)
-replacing the Alternator Cable with a beefier one (still haven't done that and need info on it)
-replacing the stock battery cables with better terminal connectors and beefier wires
-making sure the belts are tightened and are nice and firm (not too tight or belts could snap off, press em with your finger, they should flex only a tiny bit)
-proper maintainence (fluids, belts, spark plugs, wires etc)

I currently own a 2000 Kia LS with auto tranny as well, if you want more info or tips jsut hit me up with an e-mail me at [email protected] for any mroe info.

I used to have HUGE power loss, I mean when someone complained and turned on the AC, my power melted away, I couldn't pass cars at full rev it would barely move faster then its current speed, the lights would dim like crazy etc.

now I hardly notice the AC is on until my arm goes numb from the freezing cold air.

EDIT: no there is NOTHIGN wrong with the engine unless you get a CEL (Check engine light) Using the Ac on a 4 banger really kills power, you wont notice it on a V6 or a V8 because of the increased displacement and number of cyllinders as well as power output, but we have smaller engines so we notice the power loss. This is normal, but there are ways you can dramatically reduce it, as well as get more power out of your engine when ac is not in use (the best thing is that these mods give extra power weither the AC is on or not).

if anyone has any other tips, please share em.
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