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Car Play lag with Google Maps

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Hello -

I've had my 2022 Sorento for a couple months now and LOVE it!! However, I've been noticing a significant lag in the navigation when using Google Maps via Apple Car Play. Not only does the navigation lag considerably, but the touch response time (for example to exit the route by touching the screen in the vehicle) lags quite a bit as well.

Anyone having this issue? Any fixes?

Thanks in advance!!
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Last software update from Kia solved problem now everything work smoothly.
That's interesting. Since all CarPlay users from all makes (not just Kia) have been making the same complaints on Google Maps products (Waze, Google Maps, I think there are others). If the update did somehow fix an Apple issue, I'll update now. I'm skeptical though. My conspiracy theory is that Apple wants users to use Apple Maps (which is adding police and road warnings like Waze) and is lagging their competitors. I've been using Waze since it came out and can't do without it now. Its' user base is so large and helpful. I don't think Apple can sway that many users, especially since it is cross-platform (Waze).
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