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2006 Kia Rio 1.4 16v dohc
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from a few days i have a problem with my rio. When I leave the car parked under the sun for a lot of time (more than 3 hours) and i came back the alarm have problems. In particular when i press the key button the directions light remain fixed on and the doors will not open, because seems that there is no power to move the locking system (in the car the doors indicator are pushed out only a bit and some doors remain closed). I thought about battery problems, but the car start fine when there's this problem (sometimes for this problem start the alarm when i start the engine) and, after the first start of engine, also of a few seconds, the alarm return to work good....

I checked the battery ground connection and cleaned it (although they were not oxidized), but the problem still persists.

any idea?
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