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This will be the first winter with our new-to-us Borrego. We have a Limited V8 RWD (4x4 would have been nice, especially since we live in upstate NY in the snow belt, but I couldn't pass up the deal on this one). Since it IS only RWD, I plan on putting dedicated winter snow tires on for the season.

I got very lucky and was able to score a set of 4 chrome KIA OEM factory 17" wheels for $235.00 and a set of 4 OEM TPM sensors for another $43. My plan is to have 245-70-17 winter tires mounted on these wheels to replace the stock 265-60-18s (which will stay on the 18" wheels and be put in storage for the winter). This way I will not have to dismount/mount tires and can simply change them when I need to.

Does anyone have any recommendations on winter tires that work very well on a RWD Borrego? Any experience or what worked well (or didn't) would be appreciated.

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