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Before I act as a middle man for 1fastkia, can you UK guys and girls try to help him out here (see thread in classified goods wanted)

1fastkia is looking for some SHUMA decals for his spectra, they appear difficult to buy in the US.

Can some of you guys either ring or check with your dealers whether they would be willing to ship a set of these abroad? The parts are £6.58 +VAT and are standard kia parts your dealer can order. They are a set of chrome coloured letters that spell out SHUMA for the boot of the car. If you tell them its for a 1999 shuma they will get the right part The 2 dealers near me (Doncaster and Hull) can both supply the parts but neither are willing to ship overseas.

I'm quite happy to get these parts for 1fastkia and ship them over to him if necessary, but It would be more straight forward if they could deal direct with each other.

Come on you guys and girls, I am pretty sure there arent many of you out there who havent had some valuable advice from this guy, so can we brits try and return the favour and help him for a change? All it will cost you is a phone call !!!

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Thanks rick!!!!!! and all!!!!!!!
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