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I am really excited about purchasing a 2010 Kia Rio from a public auction in Newfoundland, Canada. My fiance and I have just recently returned from being stationed overseas for four years, and we're looking for an economical and reliable vehicle. The Rio really seems to fit the bill.

If anybody has a Carfax account, could you run the VIN number KNADH4B36A6641738? We're 90% sure this is the car for us, and considering it is still under warranty for two more years, we're not sure it's worth spending the $40 to see the vehicle history.

However I have a nagging feeling that there might be something unusual on the record. The car has suspiciously low mileage, and would not start when I went to view it today (apparently it had a low battery). It would mean the world to us if someone could check it out!


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