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2012 Kia Rio Sedan Si, 2000 Matiz SE
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G'day everyone.

My name is Pete and I'm from Australia.

Does anyone know how to change the format (not the date) of the calendar? The format that my one is showing is in the format: YYYY/MM/DD, so that it displays: "Tuesday 2012.09.25" which is not the format that we use.

You must be abled to change it some how, as the picture on page 4-151 of the user guide, under the heading: Day Settings, shows the format DD/MM/YYYY, which displays as: "Tuesday 25.09.2012"

And the picture on page 4-128 also shows the digital clock and calendar format as DD/MM/YYYY.

My radio model is: AM110IHGG, going by the user guide.


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