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i have a sportage 2000 (SE) it has 85k, a intermittent buzzing noise develops in second gear, goes away 3rd gear 4th etc and re appears when doing approx 95-105 kph,seems to be coming from transmission centre console area from inside cabin, yet it seems to disapear(buzzing noise) when air cond is switched on, could the noise from aircon be masking the buzzing noise, or are they related in some way.This noise was inherant from when i bought new, the dealer ship denied any buzzing then further investigation they said the aircond gas was set too high in pressure and the valve was not correct, hence the noise was a aircon valve movement? the noise persists, although pressure released to normal at dealership any clues or ideas, could be transmission bearing? i hope not! could be something else?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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