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Hello!!! I'm selling a brand new Sun Auto Hyper Ground System for a Kia Spectra. The brand is from Sun Automobile which is originally from Japan. It makes parts for Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda and others as well. They made especially this one for Kia Spectra. I'm not too sure what year this fits bit adding this system will look nice as well as improving the car as well. Here is what I saw from the website....

The new Hyper Ground System is the safe and reliable tuning system that provides a low resistance ground path. A better ground gives more Torque,better Mileage, better Response, and better Starting Ability.

Hyper Ground System is the best performing grounding system available!
Sun Auto is the only company authorized to provide high performance grounding system as OEM optional equipment.

This system provides direct ground path from battery negative to body, chassis, and engine components to give extreme improvement on electrical circulation. In addition "Hyper Ground System" cables have 10 times less impedance than factory ground systems which provides immaculate conduction to prevent electrical power loss.The higher resistance of factory grounds, effect the ignition system and obstructs the primary potential.

The "Hyper Ground System" uses thick gauge 99.99% pure copper, and connects directly from the cylinder head and other points under the hood to the battery, to provide an ultra low resistance connection.This will increase the primary potential of regular cars to ignition tuned vehicles.

If you guys show your Kia at shows, I think its major bonus points at shows. I don't think not much people have it or maybe no one has it. It's not one of these knock off ones from ebay but these wires are especially for the Kia Spectra. I'm selling it $300 obo shipped to anywhere in the USA. or if you want to pick it up, we can meet up. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA. PM if interested!



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