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Hello there.

@ ~45k on the clock, and I need to look into replacing some of the brake components on the Sorento. I havent had it inspected or taken the wheels off to look at it lately, but I am thinking that it is approaching the time to have this looked into.

Not encountering much issues with it, but the timing seems to be right. I have some minor vibration upon medium to hard braking (like a warped rotor). Thing is I RARELY drive the vehicle. Typically driving the spec5 or Amigo. I did have the opportunity to drive it several times within the last week and I think that the components deserve a look-see.

While I am doing that, I want to have performed some research to determine:
A) Where to obtain components.
B) If anyone has upgrades their components from OEM.
C) Any suggestions on what to look for.

Thanks in advance!
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