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I own a Kia Sportage 2005 EX 178 000km.

Last summer I was going to the grocecy, when I left something went wrong after 1km, the car was going slowly and if I was not pushing the accelerator the car stopped. I was hearing a friction and smelled burnt rubber so I stopped the car. I waited for a while and no more brake after except I I was pushing the brake very hard the car was able to stop after many seconds. The Kia dealer told me it was the master cylinder and costs me over 500$.

This April, same problem I left my home to the gas station. After filled the car the brake was jam. I stopped the car wait few minutes and still have the problem. I drove home pushing hard on the accelerator with a high RPM because I was not too far, but at home the brake was smelling so bad and lot of smoke. I got an appointment the day after and everything was fine to drive to the Kia dealer. They checked and this time it was the ABS module to change and should cost 800$.

Have you already heard of this? Dont know If i should pay twice for 2 expensive differents parts but the same problem.

Thanks for your help!
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