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:angry: I was driving my Carnival modell 1999 along the highway today when the brakes failed. Myself the dirve and 2 kids on board i thought better take a look and made it home using the handbrake.

On closer inspection the front LH flexible hose had been cut by friction from a piece of body plastic ( mud guard ) which had managed to score a hole in the tube and by applying pressure to the brake at the critical time it sprayed brake fluid everywhere from this point and left me trying to slow the car in traffic to avoid colision with the handbrake.

just wondered if anyone else had the same problem cause I won't be happy to find i have this problem know about being a life theatening failure and that no one told me about it!!.

OR on the brighter side i will makesure KIA do know know about it tomorow when I go to the Keystar dealership in Rothwell, QLD and ask them to please fix it .
Hopefully no one will die in the meantime from a Carnival brake failure accident.

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