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Ahhhh another dissatisfied Stoneacre customer.:angry:

I bought my Picanto from Stoneacre Durham, their customer service was appalling.

When I picked my new car up they had no trained member of staff to complete the transaction and instead I got a junior who knew nothing. They didn’t even look at my part-ex car which I had cleaned and polished like new. I nearly drove off without the maintenance books which they had forgotten to put in the car and they had not stamped the delivery inspection certificate in the book. They had no second key for my brand new car even though I gave them one for my part ex car and they lied to me about its whereabouts, they told me it was locked in a member of staff’s drawer and they had gone home. It took them 2 months to get me a new one made after about 6 phone calls and lots of lies about when I would receive it.

They messed up my private reg transfer application, charged me the wrong fee, sat on the application for a month and in the end I was without my plate for nearly 3 months.

Basically the whole experience with them was a shambles. At the end of my dealings with them I asked them if they were new to the game of selling cars, considering they have about 20 garages nationwide you would expect them to know what they're doing. They don't know their arse from their elbow. I have removed every little bit of Stoneacre advertising from the car (including the rear window sticker which completely obscured my view for the first few miles of driving). They are a disgrace.

Steer Clear is my advice!

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