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Yesterday I signed the contract to change my 2001 Top Sportage with a new 2005 ones.

I tried the car yesterday and, wow it's fantastic!!

I tried this Sportage

2.0 Crdi 112 Hp, Active Class package (metal look, leather, electric windows and mirrors, auto air conditioning, leather, warming seats, compass in the mirror ...) TCS, ESP, ABS, EBD, BAS, alloy wheels with bridgestone tires, 8 airbag (frontal, lateral, side curtains), tinted window and H matic gears.

As you should know, A/T is not very appreciated in Italy. 90% of the cars uses manual transmission. So I tried H-matic with a bit of disappoint. Wow it's incredible. Not only is far sweeter than the one I triend on a MB E-class, but it's also fast when you change. Yes you have the fell that you haven't the full controll of your car (a sort of drive-by-wire) but, you know, this is the car for the family. I've manual shift on my cerato.

I'm very happy.

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