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2009 Kia Borrego
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I just bought a KIA Borrego and I like this vehicle but have a couple of questions...

1. When I am driving along with the headlights on, the radio lights
flicker (and only the radio lights) and they dim to the point where I can't
see them. Also, at times, they work just fine with no flicker.
Is this a bad ground or a bad radio and is there anything that I can check
or do to fix this?

2. When I open any of the doors, only the courtesy lights on the door lights
up and not the dome lights. I was not able to find any setting in the
owners manual for setting the dome lights to turn on with a door opening...
Are the settings only on the very rear dome light and in which position
does the switch need to be in order to light when a door is open? Can the
other lights on the interior roof be set to light when a door is opened?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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