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So I recently purchased a low mileage Borrego that I am very happy with, and everything works great except the rear A/C. I've read about a few other people who have experienced this same issue where the moment I turn on the rear system, it immediately switches to high heat. I'v read that if you disconnect the rear control panel and reconnect that sometimes it resets itself, but I cannot figure out how to disconnect it from the console. I've removed the side trim and 6 screws holding it on, but it appears there is something attaching it at the top also. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I really don't use the rear system often, but it drives me crazy having something malfunctioning in my vehicle like that.

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So, I was able to fix this problem. Taking apart the trim around the rear ac control panel was a pain, but I succeeded without breaking anything. I'm pretty sure one of my kids kicked the switch or hit it with a back pack or something. I unplugged the controls and popped the cover off the circuit board on the back. The circuit board has a tiny triangle that the hot/cold switch fits into, and I mean TINY. I'm guessing the switch was knocked over the triangle which left it being constantly pointed in the up (Heat) position on the circuit board. I put it back together very carefully to make sure the triangle was centered in the switch, and it worked fine after that.
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