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OK, my timing belt went out at a stop light and now i have torn the engine down. the damage wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, only one small hole in the no. 4 piston and half a dozen bent or broken valves. anyway i now have all the new parts that i want to replace (pistons, rings, new head, water pump, timing belt, tentioner and idler pulley, etc) i found the treads pertaning to replacing the timing belt and torque sequance for the head bolts.

now my question for anybody that might know, torque spec's for the connecting rod bolts and camshaft clamp bolts (not sure what those are called), thanks.

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in the meantime, while not assembling engine, put some info in your profile. In future will be useful.

For torque specifications, I recommend going to KIA TECH INFO - link below. Register there, it is for free.
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