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2011 Optima EX turbo
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I just got one that sends and logs info to my android using free torque app. As well as viewing in real time. I finally have a boost gauge!
Just a lil tip as I lucked out big time picking up a cheapo on ebay. I got the "super mini small" 1.63" x 1.88" including connector port. It fits perfectly behind the fuse panel. Any bigger and it wouldnt fit with the cover on. Ive only had it for a few days so no review on longevity.
Been playing around with it, I do see with engine load, its 4% higher with a/c on. I see no diff. in engine load with eco on. I wish I had this before the wastegate fix cause I swear its lost boost across the range after the rod adjustment. Max boost so far has been 17.788452lbs @4803rpm.
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