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I have an odd issue with contact sync for our newly acquired Kia Soul. The package is the navigation option that replaces the UVO in case that is an issue.

My wife and I have identical Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phones. The Android version and the kernel version are identical in the phones.

The issue:

I can pair my phone with the Bluetooth, and all the contacts come over pretty quickly, I have 158 contacts in my phone.

My wife's phone starts reading contacts and stalls at a specific number, at first it was 34. Here phone has 117 contacts.

I have imported the contacts to an Excel CSV file, deleted all the contacts in Gmail, and then did a cleanup of any contacts that seemed to be inconsistent, then exported them to Gmail again. When I attempt to load them up again, it still fails, though on a slightly different contact number. Since the phone and Gmail have slightly different contact counts (self-generated entries on the phone), I don't know exactly which contact fails. However, in looking around the area where the count stops, I see nothing unusual about the contacts or their contents.

Does anyone have any idea why two identical phones would act differently in this manner? What type of data in the contact could cause the Bluetooth to hang like this?
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