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2004 Kia Cerato
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Hi all,

I've had my Imperial Blue Cerato Sedan for almost a year.

Still in love with her especially when shes sparkling clean and her mica colours prove this. :D

I havent done much to her apart from installing a panasonic dot matrix graphic head unit.

But anyway, to get to the point,

For some reason in the past few weeks, after getting the first major service of 15,000 kms.

Ive been hearing bizzare and subtle noise coming from the boot.

Each time i drive over the most shallow ditch or bump, a rattling sound emanates from which seems to be in the rear suspension area something loose in the boot.

I've done numerous paranoid checks to see what is causing this, even drove around senseless for an hour with no radio and alternating between which back seats are folded down or upright, taken out spare tyre, tools etc just to find a resolution.


Still the rattling, jottling subtle sounds make me anxious.

As obviously as all of us would ideally like, is for our cars to be perfect til the test of time.

So i will be going back to the dealer to put a claim under warranty and get this checked out before its too late.

This wont be the first time ive had a problem with my cerato.

The rear tail lights malfunctioned in which even though i accelarate, the stop light stays on, which affected the cruise control from working.

This has been fixed thank god out of the good will of the dealers.

But now this sound from my boot.

It kinda seems like the perfect story for a kids story - the monster in the boot.

haha :p

has anyone come across this problem or something similar?

All in all, the car is still a beautiful to drive, it still serves me well,

jus hope it lasts the test of time.

but who knows, thats the irony of value for money.

kz. :thumbsup:

2004 Cerato LX
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I have the same problem with my 99 Shuma, it drove me mad for weeks, try checking the latch that he boot lock fits into, it may not be loose but mine appears to be on a spring, and the sping over time has weakened slightly and it makes the retaining bar rattle a bit, I've just depressed it to its full extent a few times and the rattle has now gone. It comes back every couple of months though
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