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2004 Kia Picanto
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Hi every body

I just whant to show my kia picanto, you can se it on this adr.

I have made som changes on it but have not taken som pictures of it yet.

The stikker whit picanto 1.1 ex is removed from the rear end, and I have changed alle the speakers to alpine and JBL.

This week I will get an other air filter installed, and next monht iI hope, will I install blue light in the car and under it cool.....

I also have som questions. Is there some one there now were I can buy suspensions kit, an a new front grill were there isen´t an kia name on

hope you like what i have done to there car so fare.......

soem pic when we installed the amp.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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