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2014 Sportage SX AWD
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its been 3 years since i been down to the coast for some surf fishing. my son is turning 3 in two weeks. so took him down to Freeport TX last week. should have taken a pic of the cargo.

only the first few feet of sand was dry and soft, the majority of the beach was still moist from the rains. so didn't really get to test out the AWD. but i had it locked anyways, traveling just under 20 mph.

this is about a month after all the heavy rains and flooding in TX. Freeport is only a few miles from the mouth of the Brazos river, so lots of debris and brackish water. and a SE wind creating the choppy surf.

my son reeled in 4 fishies, the largest was a whiting/kingfish about 12 inches long. he had lots of fun.


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