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Battery replacement

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Hey guys, I just bought a 2014 4 cylinders Camry with only 14K miles.

Very clean in and out from VA and drove it to FL.

The battery is about 3 1/2 years old. The warranty is only good for 36 months from factory since it came with the car, in other words is original.

But I'll running and subwoofer (small with an amp built in) a dash camera, a portable satellite radio and some times a portable GPS.

There's no problems wit the battery now. The terminals and battery are very clean, it looks like the vehicle was garage most of its life.

So my concern is the battery, should I replace it now?

Also, I can get one from Toyota from $85 to $100 (60-84 months) or I can get an Interstate from Costco for $84, with 36 replacement warranty.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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Depending on your subwoofer's current draw, you may need a capacitor to help power it especially if you plan to have your stereo playing while the engine is off. The other stuff are all low-current draw (1-2 amps at most) while the engine is running - this is more something your alternator has to deal with rather than the battery.

You can even just bring your battery into a store to have it load tested. If you really want to replace the battery for peace of mind, do it. But its not necessarily for those accessories you mentioned.
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