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I have had the '09 Borrego fail to start on two occasions recently due to a completely dead battery. The last time was most likely due to sitting for 13 days without running but that is far short of what a battery should hold a charge. If the vehicle is driven daily it is without any starting issues.

The battery is 3 years old and checks out at 600 cca on a local auto parts store magic tester. Charging system also checks out. After driving the battery will sit at 12.67v for hours.

Pulled the negative post cable and measure 1.17a current draw. Doors closed, all lights are off. I understand parasitic drain and know that more than an amp is 10+ times what was engineered in for all the memory. Before I start pulling fuses chasing down the source of the current draw I thought I would ask if there is any experience as to a common problem.

The closest I could find on a search indicated that there is a software reflash for certain models, certain problems but without any specific reference to tech bulletins.

Any suggestions before I start to pull fuses?

An update to other posts. I have a 2008 Kia Sedona that just passed 60,000mi. No joke, the starter went out before 61,000mi and immediately after that, the van started to have a parasitic battery drain. At first, thought the battery was bad. Tested it twice, both times it tested well (it was less than 1yr old). So I called Kia to see if there was a recall or known problem. Resounding "no". Then took it back to the place that installed the starter to make sure they didn't directly hook up to the battery instead of the cut-off switch. Starter was fine and, by the way, neither place could reproduce the battery drain.

So, off to Kia again. This time, I specifically asked about the software upgrade. They acknowledged the upgrade but said it was ONLY for vans with the power tailgate, mine is manual. They also hooked up the battery to an amp-meter and couldn't reproduce the power draw, so the problem isn't starting within 20 min of me turning off the vehicle.

Here's my status:
- if I pull the courtesy fuse sleeve (the same fuse mentioned in other posts), it stops the problem. I can leave the van sitting for a week without affecting the battery. Otherwise it is dead within 3 days. So I know the problem is limited to those circuits.
- Kia is willing to troubleshoot, but it costs by the hour to diagnose with no idea how long it will take
- Other shops have an electrical diagnostic for around $100, or I can try to sit in the locked car with a book and a meter hooked up to each circuit (starting with the main courtesy circuit to see how long it takes for the problem to start), until I can diagnose where (and when) the problem occurs.

All items in the van are OEM (no aftermarket), and a few mechanics have mentioned that radio's are a common culprit, so I could disconnect the radio instead of pulling the courtesy fuse circuit and see if that works (it will be a yes/no final answer for that, which will find the problem or eliminate the radio as the culprit).
Don't know if this helps anyone else, but this is what I found out.
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