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Battery Dead

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Recenlty i bought a new battery and when i went out this morning the car didnt turn on. :angry: No click or noise.. .I gave a car bost and turned on right away.. Like something in the car is killing the battery.. Anyone can help me resolve my problem... Thank you...
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maybe you left the dome light on. or marker lights?>

what is marker light?? i recently changed headlights and taillights. Once I did the change I went to turn car on and it didn't start. I bought a new battery and went to turn on the car and it didn't turn on. Can it be that a wire is touching somewhere resulting in a battery being dead? Thanks .
marker light is the light with the front blinker.
maybe but unless you stripped off the coating I highly doubt that a wire is exposed.

HMM i have no clue... Battery is new.. when i bost it turns on.. but overnight it dies.. Im totally lost... I just solve this problem... Is there any place where i can start to solve this problem... You have been very helpful.. thank you
alternator is gone i suspect.

Problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some how the AC switch is defective and ac was left on over night causing battery to die.. Have to replace the AC switch.. maybe will buy an aftermarket switch.. .Do you know how much PSI does trhe front and rear tire have to have.. 97 kia sephia GS 1.8L. You ahve been lots of help thank you
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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