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I bought a Kia Spectra 1.6, brand new, and wish to list the problems that I've had.

* It went to have a residue removed off the windows and they scratched the glass on all the windows and had to replace them.

* It went for it's 15000 km service and I got the car back, went on a long journey
and on my way back, found that the wheel nuts on the back wheels had been hand tightened. The only reason I knew this was because there was a noise coming from the back of the car while we were travelling at speed. The best is when I went to the garage to complain, the receptionist told me that this was only the second time that this happened.

* Fuel filter. They forgot to replace the one during the service and only realised it three months later when I told them.

* Breakdown service. the car broke down in the garage at home and the Kia tow in service didn't have our details AND they could only come on Monday to collect the car. Not too bad considering this was on a Saturday.

* Consumption. For the 58,000 km's that I've had this car, the consumption has been heavier than my 2.4 Volvo. It's been back numerous times and they havent got it right. The car did approximately 350km's on 45 litres of fuel. I then got told that there is only one machine in the country that can recalibrate the engine management system on this car. After the warranty expired, I went and had a free flow exhaust and a new engine management chip fitted and lo and behold - not only has performance increased KW (69 to 74) and Nm (132 to 140), but the consumption has improved - markedly.

* Catalytic converter. When they fitted the free flow exhaust, the fitter told me that the catalytic converter was blocked.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. When I went back to Kia South Africa, I told them (Trevor Ward) that I thought it fair that they reimburse me for the amount of fuel that I had lost on the car due to it's under performance. They came back and told me that they are not interested. So, I threatened to go to the press and discuss all of the above and Trevor Ward told me

"...Dear Mr. Alkema,

We have noted your response and wish to state that we stand by our decision. Please note that should you wish to continue your stated action, KIA Motors South Africa reserves its rights in this matter and will take the necessary action if libelled in any way."

This is really great coming from a company the size of Kia..I guess it's the first and last one I buy...
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