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2005 Sorento ex v6 automatic
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i would question the dealer if the hood has been repainted, look for over spray and masking tape marks.

the paint job on mine is as good as anyother new car with no "orange peal" the best that i can remember since i have not seen mine for almost 3 weeks (still at the dealer to replace the engine (sucked in a piece of the throdle into the motor), and radio (which i did not know there was anything wrong with) and now it looks like they are having someother problem with it)

i called yesterday to find out when i would get it back and was told the service manager was on the phone with "kia techinical services" about my vehicle and the service manager was not in the building at this time. i left him a voice mail and got no return call that day.

kia was good enough to rent me free of charge a Jeep grand cherokee ( what a pice of junk!) untill mine was finished

at this point kia can have the vehicle back and i will go by a "nissan xtera" :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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