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Bad gas mileage - Help

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Hey everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I have a 2022 Kia Rio with the technology package. And I'm having bad gas mileage compared to the first month I've had it. The first month I was getting an average of 32-35 mpg, now I'm getting 22-27 avg. My driving has stayed the same, in fact I think I baby it more to see if I can save gas or get better gas mileage. The only thing I did purchase was a new K&N drop in OEM replacement filter.

I am thinking of replacing the filter back to the original and see if it helps. But I would like to stick with the KN filter for better air flow.

Is there a calibration or something I need to reset after I install the filter?

Does Anyone else have an issue like this, or had?

What was your fix?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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How are you calculating it? By computer or by hand? The computer is typically in the ballpark for me but it's still off by varying degrees when I compare with calculating at the pump.

I'd say it's worth trying out the old filter for a tank and switching back to see if there's an obvious difference since I'm wondering if the increased airflow makes any difference for your car.
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OK Here is the scoop..Your mileage is off because they are adding more alcohol to the gas...They were supposed to start the summer blend in gas which would have lowered the alcohol content but Washington is allowing them to run more alcohol year round..More alcohol less mileage per gallon..My 2022 Kia Rio S has the same problem..Try the no ethanol blend gas which is more expensive because it is pure gas no alcohol..I did and my mileage came right back...Damn Washington..!!!
They allowed E15 through the summer but it is still E10 at the typical gas station so it'll be the same as it would be as long as it still says up to 10%. We aren't supposed to run above E10 anyway, but of course that depends on the manual/vehicle. And if you go out of your way to find E15, the savings likely won't be worth it.
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