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Guatemala must have lots of hills? up and down? That's what I take a quick guess as your brake issue.

I realized my Kia Sedona 2002 EX did not like hills, uphill is fine or even great, but NOT down hills. You better use lower gear rather than your brake at down hills. I even drive around the mountain to avoid that, which did great!

Your transmission fluid leaking may be just a small plastic pipe broke or aging. Replace it for just $5 will solve the problem. And, you may not need dealer to do this.

For transmission, fluid checking is important, but if years later, you found the problem, you can still get a quart of transmission fluid from gas station to fill it, and then drive to garage to check for leaking pipe.

If you continue driving with low or no transmission fluid, you will end up destroy your transmission and that's thousands dollar job. It is true for any car, not just Kia Sedona.

I got my Kia Sedona 2002 EX for 5 years with 70,000 miles, and I NEVER use dealer's 10 year 100,000 miles waranty. Once you tried to use it, you may find yourself NOT taking care of your car as needed.

Kia Sedona 2002 EX is a great car, much better than any Japanese cars I own, including Misubishi, Honda, Toyota, Nissan ...etc. But, still, you need to maintain it regularly, especially top all fluids...
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