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2003 carnival 2,9 ex auto
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I have a 2,9crdi auto. It is 4 speed plus torque converter lock-up , when in top. I have a niggling problem with the lock -up not engaging when the car has warmed up.
Can anyone tell me which connecter on the auto -box is actually the lock-up solenoid?
I can rule out the obvious ones like the gear selector position ones, the oil temperature sensor which is at the bottom in sump; the speed sensor which is over the flywheel teeth; That leaves me with a sensor on the extreme end of gearbox , passenger side(UK) drivers side over here ( which I think is another speed sensor ) & another which is down the back of box near the starter motor. There is also another which is at the top of box going towards the back.
The manual unfortunately doesn't actually identify which is which , just assumes you know ! :confused:
Any help would be appreciated as if I can ensure that the lock-up solenoid is functioning when warm I can then look elsewhere as I know it requires 2 inputs, speed sensor & from memory, throttle position to engage lock-up. Thanks for any help.:thumbsup:
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