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We have bought our new 2.5 V6 Auto Carnival end of Jan 2005. Very nice vehicle.

After a couple of hunderd kilo's I have started to hear a whisteling sound from the gearbox. The sound only there when braking or foot of the accelerator. When I took the vehicle in for the 1,000 kms service I mentioned this to the dealer.

Guess what, I was asked to bring the car back the following week.

My Carnival has now been longer at the dealer in his workshoppe than in my garage. Nearly 6 weeks now! Replaced a whole lot of parts in the garbox, but apparently noice still there. Dealer has now apparently asked Kia for a whole new gearbox! Nobody at dealer know, or wants to tell me what is wrong with the gearbox.

I have been given a replacement Carnival, after a huge fight, to use in the meantime.

Question, anybody else with the same problem? Does anybody know what the problem might be?

Per the dealer mine the second Carnival is Australia with the problem. The other in Western Australia (we're in Adelaide). That one apparently also not yet been sorted.

This is stared to get very annoying!
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