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a very minor issue which bugs me from time to time. Maybe someone here can help out make my driving experience of my Rio EX much more enjoyable...

whenever i turn on my airconditioner by pushing the 'auto' button, I have to make sure to turn off (light off) then on (light on) the toggle for outside air vent. i have to do this to prevent the vent to automatically open for the whole trip. it has become a routine so far but i forget to do this from time to time. light on configuration recirculates air inside the car. light off gets/mixes outside air for the aircon.

If i forget my routine this happens... when outside air temp is hot, the vent is closed (light is on) during the first few minutes of operation. it opens (light off) once the air inside becomes cool. whenever outside air is cool, the light is off when i turn on the aircon so i have to manually switch the light on to close the vent.

so is there a way to keep the vent closed at all times whenever i turn on the airconditioner? air pollution is an issue here in our country so having the vent closed all the time is my ideal config for the aircon.
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