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Kia 2015 Sportage Platinum diesel and 2013 Rio 3 door SLS
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To all you Aussie Kia owners, I have been in contact with Kia Australia in regards to the current HOT topic in regards to fuel figures and rebates, etc., etc.

The response, not surprisingly, is as follows:

Thank you for contacting Kia Motors Australia.
The concern relating to overstated fuel efficiency only affects the North American market.
The methods of Manufacturers supplying fuel economy figure are completely different for North America to those for vehicles sold in Australia or Europe. The figures supplied to the U.S Environment Protection Agency are figure aggregated and supplied by manufacturers selling vehicles in the North American Market. The fuel consumption figures used on the windscreen decal and sales brochures of new vehicles sold in Australia since early 2001 comply to Australian Design Rules ADR 81 which is regulated by the Australian Government, ADR tests are much more regulated and witnessed to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Currently vehicles sold in Australia are complying with ADR81/02 or ECE101 which are harmonized and these figures are used for Australian and European markets,
Regards, Kia Australia, Customer Service Team

Once again, we can blame the good ol' USofA for getting it wrong and upsetting the apple cart!
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