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Just had my 2005 Carnival in for its 15,000k service. There was a leak from the washer bottle (a replacement was ordered), the radio was dropping out the left speaker, then the rear speakers etc (a replacement was ordered) and the usual (see previous post) disappearence of the radiator coolant without any obvious signs.
All-up AU$226.00. This includes $68.90 for sythetic oil! I thought that was a bit rich. As well as that (they knew about the leaking washer bottle), they charged me $2.36 for windscreen washer additive! I didn't notice that one until I got home...
Now, as for the missing radiator coolant, I was told that "the Carnival has a huge cooling system and its bound to use some of the coolant" according to the Head Mechanic (whoops, Technician).
It's a sealed recovery system...where would it go? This has never occured in any of my previous cars. Got them stumped.
Now I'm taking a picture of the recovery tank, noting the kilometres and the date.
Apart from that, all is well; I've just returned from a trip from Brisbane to Adelaide (a couple of thousand k's) and it didn't miss a beat.
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